FAQs - Frequently asked questions

Question  How will students contact me?
Answer Students contact you directly and you deal directly with students. Students can contact on your mobile number directly. A form is also provided in your profile page so that students can email you. Therefore it's important that you furnish all your contact details correctly.

Question  How will I get paid?
Answer We don't pay / employ you. You get paid by the tutees directly according to the agreement you reach with the students. We don't ask any comissions at any point.

Question How can I receive payments?
Answer There are various ways. The easiest and most hassle free for most is Paypal.

Question Does TutorIndia charge any money for sharing contact details?
Answer We don't charge any money from students or tutors at any point. TutorIndia is a completely free service to both students and tutors and always will be.

Question Do we provide any assistance with online tutoring?
Answer We don't provide any interface to teach online. However, there are various websites which provide free online whiteboards which can be shared with students. Skype and WebEx can also be of great help.


Question How do I share my profile in order to get more student queries?
Answer Go to your profile page and use the various buttons provided at the top and side of your profile page. You can share it on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, twitter and hundreds of other websites. Check the image below for reference.


Question How to add my profile in Google Places and make it more searchable by google?
Answer Whenever someone in or around your area looks for a tutoring service, you can increases your chances of being at the top by following the steps below:

  • Register for a google account at google.com if you haven't already done so.
  • Go to google.com/places
  • Register your business there. You can use the following sample information. Make sure that you link your profile page link in the website column. (See Picture below)
  • Once the process is complete, anyone looking for services in your area can find you easily and can also see your profile page at tutorindia when required.
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